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said my dear son I see the longing that

fills your heart the dreams and desires

that stir your soul I know the vision I

placed in you the promise of something

greater hovering beyond your reach even

now I am am working in your favor the

gears are in motion backstage preparing

an abundance of blessings to pour over

your life the change you’ve been praying

for is aligning do you not perceive in

the spirit the atmosphere charged with

progress and destiny pay attention and

you’ll notice my footprints in the

events around you yes a powerful

outpouring is imminent even now I am

Awakening gifts within you that have

remained dormant for too long long gifts

to inspire your community instill hope

in the downtrodden and set captives free

from the claws of Oppression for no I

has seen no ear has heard no mind has

imagined what God has prepared for those

who love him come withdraw with me for a

while to the secret place and let’s

Fellowship be calm and know that I am

God for I desire truth in your inner

being wisdom in your core not for vain

Glory but for selfless service not for

the Praises of men but for Eternal

reward the path of selfish ambition is

Broad and unrestrained and many rush

into it with empty promises of prestige

but the gate is narrow and the way is

tight that leads to Abundant Life a life

given for others born again to lead

Hearts back to me choose then the

surrender that leads to exaltation the

path of humility instead of pride

if you desire greatness In My Kingdom

write in the comments before your

brothers give me Lord your

greatness wash their feet with

compassion heal their wounds with

kindness carry their burdens with love

Liberate the captives Raise Your Voice

for the oppressed and if you happen to

stumble under the weight of judgment

repent and quickly return to the fold

where abundant grace tenderness mercy

and Open Arms of redemp Redemption await

did I not teach that a thousand may fall

at your side and , at your right

hand but no harm will touch you and no

plague will come near your tent so why

fear failure when I am always by your

side have confidence for your mistakes

do not define you my strength is

perfected in weakness see every failure

as an opportunity to magnify my

forgiveness even more let weakness lead

you to deeper Trust allowing inadequacy

to magnify my

sufficiency except then my outstretched

hand ready to lift you up like eagles

from glory to glory do not be anxious

about anything as you step in faith

believe in my promises over the fears

that breed lies take control of your

mind bringing every wandering thought

captive to my truth entrust to me the

imagined outcomes in my capable hands

exchanging uncertainty for faith and

trust my plans are irrevocable and

cannot be destroyed not even by Furious

storms or contrary plans of men what I

have determined I will execute what I

have spoken will be fulfilled none of my

promises will be in vain but will

accomplish everything for which they

were sent therefore lift your gaze

beyond the present circumstances subject

to change look to me the same yes

yesterday today and forever nurture

intimacy with Me Above All communing in

my presence night and day for without me

you can accomplish nothing of value but

in the center of my will there is

abundant provision ineffable Joy purpose

and productivity that will remain stay

close to the Heart of Jesus sheltered

under my wing be known as one who seeks

my desires rather than selfish gain

whose pure purified heart flows from

wholehearted and undivided devotion

watch as I stir the once Troubled Waters

with promise turning sterility into

overflow and adorning you with Beauty

for my glory surely I will make streams

flow in desert places while signs and

wonders testify to my faithfulness if

you trust in my faithfulness write in

the comments God is faithful you will no

longer be called forsaken but delighted

desired a city no longer deserted I will

turn your mourning into Joy anointing

your eye with joy instead of Sorrow no

defamation or contempt will be heard

among you for I will restore judges as

in the beginning and counselors as of

old instead of Shame you will have

double joy that lasts forever for I

abhor Injustice and Faithfully reward

you with peace and prosperity so come as

my beloved as my my cherished one and

joyfully partake in these promises a

banquet table is set just for you A

Feast where all can find healing in its

shade lift your head beloved Son beloved

daughter remove the mourning of sorrow

and dress yourself in the Glorious

Splendor worthy of royalty drink deeply

from the wells of salvation for the

humble are exalted now walk in my

redeeming light and the Darkness of sin

will flee the long night has passed

awaken awaken clothe yourself in

strength now listen attentively for now

is the time for extravagant restoration

orchestrated by The One enthroned

Forever maintain courage keep your eyes

fixed above do not waver do not be

discouraged do not doubt nor grow weary

the echo of my promise resonates through

the portal of Heaven prepare yourself

and stand and firm outpourings flood the

Thirsty Earth and The Best Is Yet To

Come you my precious son my precious

daughter as you turn your heart to me

know that I am here to envelop you in a

Divine Embrace of love and comfort you

are a treasure to me lovingly shaped in

my image destined for a deep and

intimate friendship with your creator in

your presence joy and peace fill my

heart your beautiful and dear soul is a

source of great Delight in the celestial

Realms feel the Jubilation echoing

through the heavens as the Angelic hosts

celebrate every step you take toward me

your affection your companionship your

unconditional love bring me profound

pleasure your words like a gentle bomb

have the power to heal refresh and bring

light to the darkest corners know that

your whispered prayers the tender

Declaration of I love you father are

like like the sweetest perfume to me

when you do this you rise above the

clamor of the world and it is like a

fragrant pure and pleasing incense

cutting through the chaos and reaching

my throne in this sacred moment I

embrace you intimately Whispering back I

love you my son my daughter very much in

this Divine exchange feel my enduring

love and grace surrounding you a

testament to the Unbreakable Bond we

share with love God hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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