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my precious child I want you to know the

truth the devil is real and not to be

dismissed or taken lightly he is a

cunning adversary perpetually scheming


manipulating his sole aim is to lure you

away from me to shroud your true

identity as one fearfully and

wonderfully made in my image he yearns

to sever your connection to the

Wellspring of power that flows from my

Spirit dwelling within you but here is

what the enemy fails to grasp no matter

how he plots and plans he is no match

for me my strength courses through your

very being an unquenchable Divine

Force when you rise each morning and

seek my face when Praises spill from

your lips and my word is etched upon

your heart it sends shock waves through

the spiritual

realm the devil and his minions tremble

and cower for they know a son or

daughter of the most is stepping into

their god- ordained Authority you see

the devil fancies himself a master

analyst scrutinizing your every thought

motive and inclination he scour your

life story hunting for footholds and

blind spots to exploit just as I

commission my angels and anointed

Messengers to uplift and guide you the

enemy deploys his foot soldiers with

orders to derail your purpose and poison


perspective he handpicks those perfectly

positioned to push your buttons and

capitalize on your

insecurities ah but my child never

forget you were purchased at an

unfathomable cost the cross stands as

irrefutable proof that your worth

exceeds the value of the universe itself

when the devil Whispers lies of

inadequacy unworthiness and irredeemable

Brokenness cling to this unshakable

truth if the King of Kings deemed you

precious enough to die for then you are

pric perfection in his eyes

period you are not defined by your worst

mistakes and weakest moments you’re

defined by the Flawless love of a savior

who calls you his own as the enemy

assails you with feelings of

insufficiency resist the urge to hide

your scars and struggles from me run

into my open arms for that is where you

will find unconditional acceptance and

rest for your weary

soul my love is not contingent upon your

performance it is constant boundless and

unearned when you walk in the Assurance

of My unfailing Affection it infuses you

with unshakable confidence and

contagious joy that the devil cannot

touch now in order to withstand the

unrelenting attacks and see through the

devil’s masterful Illusions you must

clothe yourself in my armor from head to

toe leave no peace unattended for a sing
Putting on the Full Armor of God

single can prove

disastrous this battle is not waged in

the Physical Realm it is a war for your

mind your heart your very

Soul the devil’s go-to strategy is to

fill your head with destructive

narratives coaxing you to embrace them

as your own authentic thoughts ah but

there is good news my child I have

bequeathed to you all the Weaponry you

need to counter his every assault you

hold the power to trample the serpent

underfoot and send his forces fleeing in

Terror wield my word with bold Authority

it is your sword of truth razor sharp

and Alive slicing through the devil’s

most sophisticated

deceptions your Praises are a battering

ram demolishing strongholds and

releasing Supernatural

breakthroughs when the enemy launches an

onslaught refuse to retaliate with your

own limited strength

instead lift your eyes heavenward and

call upon my name invite my spirit to

fight on your behalf for The Battle

Belongs to me as you pray Heaven down

mountains will move shackles will

shatter and the powers of Darkness will

be put to flight never underestimate the

world altering potential of a Believer

on their

knees at times the devil will use those

closest to you as Pawns in his schemes

he will incite them to lash out with

wounding words and betraying behaviors

goting you to respond in

kind when this occurs remember your

struggle is not against flesh and blood

the people in your life are not the

enemy they are merely unwitting captives

and snared and manipulated by unseen

forces in these moments tap into my

Limitless reserves of Mercy refuse to be

baited into attacking individuals

instead go on the offensive in the

spiritual and dismantle the real culprit

through fervent

intercession your acts of undeserved

kindness and radical forgiveness will

alter the spiritual climate and open

wide the floodgates of my

favor there will be Seasons when your

armor feels cumbersome and ill-fitting

you will be tempted to exchange

righteousness for a momentary Indulgence

to shuck off your peace in favor of an

anxiety to allow the seeds of Doubt to

choke out your

faith child this is when you must choose
Resisting the Devil with Unwavering Faith

to suit up and March into battle even if

everything within you protests cling to

the truth that on your own you’re no

match for the devil’s

devices but with me you are unstoppable

draw upon my Infinite Strength for in

your weakness my power reaches its

Pinnacle resist the devil with

unwavering tenacity and he will flee

from you in abject

horror though he may regroup and return

He is a defeated Foe and stands no

chance against one in whom my spirit


Supreme when you plant your feet on the

foundation of righteousness the Kingdom

of Heaven backs you and the devil has no

choice but to give way the Purity and

integrity of your life speaks volumes in

both the natural and spiritual spheres

it lends weight to your testimony and

causes is your light to blaze all the

more brilliantly in a world draped in

darkness never apologize for pursuing

Holiness for it is the essence of who

you were created to be there is a realm

where my glory permeates the atmosphere

and my word reverberates like Rolling

Thunder far above principalities powers

and rulers of Darkness this is where you

are destined to

abide not just in the Hereafter but in

the Here and Now

as you Dawn my full armor live in Moment

by moment dependence upon my spirit and

Faithfully Steward Your Divine Authority

you will Ascend higher and higher into

the fullness of your inheritance your

prayers of faith and Declarations of my

goodness slice through the veil and

release my kingdom on Earth your Praises

silence the voice of the accuser and

shatter the chains of

Oppression your obedience to my commands

dismantles de demonic agendas and

establishes righteousness in your sphere


influence when you choose to forgive as

you have been forgiven you deal a death

blow to the devil’s plots and align

yourself with the heartbeat of

Heaven precious one this is your finest

Hour resist the urge to cower in the

face of adversity or succumb to satanic

intimidation you were born for such a

time as this handpicked and commissioned

by the king of kings to enforce his

victory on enemy

territory you are a holy Terror to the

kingdom of darkness and an agent of my

glorious Restoration in the earth so
Arising as a Mighty Spiritual Warrior

Arise My

Child take your place on the front lines

armed with the Assurance of my

unshakable love for you move forward

with unflappable courage knowing that I

have already secured the Victory and

equipped you with all you need to



let my Praises be your battlecry as you

advance into the thick of the fight

uprooting demonic strongholds and

claiming souls for my eternal

Kingdom as my spirit Roars through you

there is no weapon forged against you

that can

prosper no scheme of the enemy that can

ens snare you and no giant that can

stand before you you are


unassailable for you are my beloved and

nothing can separate you from my passion

and purpose for your life so let your

life be a testament to the all

surpassing power that belongs to me and

flows through

you wear your scars like Medals of Honor

for they are a reminder that what the

devil meant for evil I have transformed

into stunning

victories March forward with your head

held high empowered and commissioned to

spread my fame name to every corner of

the earth my mighty warrior my cherished

one in you I am well

pleased Whom Shall you fear with the

Sovereign of Heaven Fighting by your

side the devil may study you like a book

but he will never pen your final chapter

that privilege belongs to me alone and I

declare that your story is far from Over

the seeds of greatness I have placed

within you are in the process of

springing forth and they will yield a

bounty that brings me endless pleasure

and resounds to my praise for all

eternity child of my heart resist the

devil and he will run from you in Terror

but even more importantly draw near to

me with everything you are drink deeply

from the Limitless reservoir of my love

for you and you will be empowered to

live the Abundant Life I died to give

you when you are rooted and established

in the the depths of my affection the

devil doesn’t stand a chance the Devil

May Roar but my spirit within you Roars

louder still charge forward in the

Victorious name of Jesus and watch as I

make your life a display of my Splendor

in the earth refuse to bow to fear for

my perfect love will cast it out every


time my beloved

child in this Relentless spiritual
Anchoring Yourself in God’s Love and Truth

battle that rages all around I know at

times you feel weary wounded

disoriented in the haze of warfare but

lift your eyes and set them fixed on me

for I am your strength your shelter your


hope even as the enemy’s arrows rain

down in a furious Onslaught I have armed

you mightily with the power of my love

and truth you must anchor yourself

unwaveringly in my eternal

perspective the enemy’s PLO can only

Prosper when he obscures your vision of

who I I am and all I have

declared that is why you must gird

yourself with the belt of Truth

fastening it securely around your

core my word is the unassailable reality

that holds together your Spiritual armor

when lies and doubts whisper in your ear

the immutable truth of scripture is your


defense as you immerse yourself in my

word soaking in its nourishing wisdom

you will grow ever more sense sensitive

to the

counterfeit the subtle twisting of my

ways scripture is the lens that brings

everything into clear focus training

your discernment to identify and resist

the lures of the evil

one when you build your life on the

Bedrock of my Revelation you will stand

unshakable amid the most violent

Storms remember my precious one The

Heart Is the Wellspring of Life the very

core of of your

being Above All Else guard it with

vigilant attentiveness a compromised

divided heart is like a city with its

Gates flung open laid bare to every

Invader uprightness and Purity must be

your breastplate repelling the fiery

arrows of Temptation to walk in

righteousness is to beat as one with my

own heart to desire what I desire and

recoil from all that opposes

me as you step out boldly as my
Wielding the Sword of the Spirit


girded in truth and righteousness I call

you to shod your feet with the Readiness

of my gospel of peace carry the good

news to the ends of the Earth for it is

the power of God unto salvation your

beautiful feet will tread on serpents

and scorpions as you advance my kingdom

in the darkest places when the onslaught

intensifies and the battle grows Fierce

raise High your Shield of faith knowing

it can extinguish every flaming missile

hurled against you your faith is born

and nurtured in the secret place of my

presence as you linger there in sweet

communion with me your Shield is

fortified your resolve

emboldened no matter how hot the furnace

no matter how numerous your

foes trust in my love for

you let your faith arise crowning all

your armor is the helmet of salvation

the Glorious Assurance of your unshake a

able identity in me when the accuser

hisses his condemnation when he dredges

up sins long paid for the helmet guards

your mind in perfect peace I have

redeemed you called you by name engraved

you on the palms of my hands no one can

snatch you from my triumphant

grasp and finally my mighty

warrior take up the sword of the spirit

my eternal unbreakable word

scripture is your offensive weapon able

to pierce the division of Soul and

Spirit judging the very thoughts and

intense of the Heart Day by Day Moment

by moment drink deep from the Wellspring

of my love for

you let it be the impenetrable
God’s Faithfulness and Protection

stronghold you run to in times of

trouble I am with you I am for you and I

will fight on your behalf though a

thousand may fall at your side and

, at your your right hand my

faithfulness is your shield and

bulwark together we are

undefeatable remember my child the light

shines in the darkness and the Darkness

has not overcome it I have conquered sin

and death I have purchased your freedom

with my own precious blood and now I

call you to live as the radiant

Victorious ones I have made you to be

put on the full armor of God that you

may stand strong against the Vil’s

schemes this fight will not be one in a

day but do not lose heart keep your hand

to the plow your eyes locked on the

prize one day every knee will bow and

every tongue confess that I Am

Lord until then rest in the shadow of my

wings you are mine and nothing can

separate you from my Limitless love

beloved I Rejoice over you with singing

and quiet you with my love my eyes are

ever upon you and my hand will lead you

and hold you fast when the dust settles

and the final page of your story is

written I will gather you into my arms

look you full in the face and speak over

you the words you were created to hear

well done my good and faithful

child enter into the joy of your

Lord but until that day stand firm take

up your sword pray without
Triumphing in the Name of Jesus

ceasing Love Without Limits

and let your life be a brilliant Beacon

drawing others to the heart of the

father who calls them his

own in my name you will

Triumph in my name you are forever


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