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said my dear son in a realm Beyond human

understanding where time unfolds like a

river of Eternity I wish to share with

you words that flow from the depths of

my heart in Corinthians to I

found a Divine expression of what it

truly means to be loved and it is with

this love that I embrace you from the

moment I formed every fiber of your

being with patience I see your days

unfolding like a story I myself wrote

each page a chapter of your journey

patiently awaiting the blossoming of who

you are destined to be there is no hurry

for I know the perfect time for each

season of your life my love for you is

like a kindness that envelopes every

part of your being with every breath

every step you are accompanied by the

tenderness that only a father can

provide there is no room for Envy in my

heart for in your achievements I find

the manifestation of my own creation and

your joy is my joy humility is the

essence of my love for you this love

does not seek Glory but elevates your

spirit to Heights that transcend all

adversities in humility you will find

strength for it is in Simplicity that

the greatest achievements are reached my

desire is to guide you on the path of

Truth where light reveals the greatness

of your purpose in this Earthly journey

in my love you will find a beacon in the

midst of Darkness pointing to the true

meaning of life fear not for I am the

truth that illuminates your path you

will never find cruelty in my love every

challenge you face is shaped for your

growth a test of resilience and faith my

heart leans towards you in every

difficulty for even in the toughest

situations my love is the foundation

that sustains and strengthens your soul

I do not seek selfish interests for I

desire you to achieve fulfillment and

satisfaction in your journey at every

step I am by your side guiding you with

love and wisdom in my love do not be

easily angered for patience is the

foundation that supports the

relationship between us even in the face

of your

imperfections I do not Harbor resentment

for I am the father who forgives and

forgets with every mistake every sincere

repentance my heart inclines towards you

in grace and mercy the love I offer is a

constant invitation to reconciliation

and rebirth in my love you will find the

opportunity to start a new regardless of

the past in my love there is no joy in

injustices I celebrate Justice and

balance encouraging you to face

injustices and be an agent of

transformation in this world your

purpose goes beyond yourself you are

called to be a light in the midst of

Darkness truth is the foundation of my

love for you there is no hiding in my

love for it is the very truth that

illuminates the darkest corners of your

your journey Walk In Truth for in it you

will find the freedom and fulfillment

you seek my dear son the love I offer to

you is resilient it Bears all things

believes all things hopes all things

even in moments of Darkness know that my

love is the anchor that sustains your

soul believe in the greatness of your

being in your ability to overcome

challenges and in the light that shines

within you with every sunrise and sunset

remember that you are loved with a love

that transcends time and space this is

my gift to you a Divine expression of

love that never fails never gives up and

never ends May these words resonate in

your heart guiding you and enveloping

you in the eternity of my love with love

God I hope this message has been an

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